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At Seven Hills Auctions we specialize is selling real estate! Having a staff that has sold nearly every type of property you can imagine all across the US and Puerto Rico is a critical advantage to you as seller. Selling real estate takes a specialized team of experts who understand your asset and knows how to create value. We invite you to explore why an auction coordinated by a professional team should be a first option!


Seller Timing – Auctions are set to conform to the seller’s time table by establishing a pre-determined sale date. A typical auction can take place in as little as 45 days.

Market Cycles – Markets can change on dime! Many property owners saw that first hand with the great real estate recession of 2008. Auctions are quick and marketing is targeted, helping you capitalize on current market trends and values.


Marketing should be strategic, targeted and intense. Using a 7H Auctions specialized marketing program you get local, regional and national exposure for your property. You also get 7H staff members on the ground learning your asset from the inside out and exposing your property to a vast array of potential prospects through our proprietary database of known buyers.

Selling Methods That Fit Your Property

TRACTbid: Using our advanced TRACTbid system your property can be divided and then offered as individual tracts, in combinations or as a whole. TRACTbid creates competition by making large parcel buyers compete with those only looking for a few acres...making sure your property reaches its maximum potential through competitive bidding!

PLATINUM Auctions: Creating the right selling psychology is a critical key to success. Our PLATINUM auctions are designed for individual sellers or large institutions. The program brings the individual properties to the forefront of the market using a comprehensive marketing strategy and hands-on approach.

Auction SHOWCASE: Bringing sellers together and allowing them to join forces is simple economics. By offering a larger selection of properties to buyers we generate more market exposure. More properties create economies of scale that reduces the cost for each seller, ultimately getting you more bang for your buck!

Advanced SEALEDbid: The sealed bid methodology is a proven technique that has been used for decades. Our take on the process amplifies the effectiveness by combining it with an advanced marketing program and sophisticated technology to ensure our sellers achieve successful results.

Urgency and Competition

Auction marketing not only gets you an incredible amount of exposure for your property, it creates a sense of urgency by using a pre-determined sale date. Potential buyers can’t be passive they must be competitive; they must be decisive and act in order to buy. Bringing all potential prospects together creates transparent competition, helping you as a seller reach your goals!

Seller’s Terms and Quick Closings

The terms of the transaction are predetermined through a coordinated effort with the seller and 7H staff. What you are left with is a very clean deal, hard deposits, no contingencies and closing in as little as 30 day.

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