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Auction Types & Programs to Sell Your Real Estate

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Selling Methods That Fit Your Property

TRACTbid: Using our advanced TRACTbid system your property can be divided and then offered as individual tracts, in combinations or as a whole. TRACTbid creates competition by making large parcel buyers compete with those only looking for a few acres...making sure your property reaches its maximum potential through competitive bidding!
PLATINUM Auctions: Creating the right selling psychology is a critical key to success. Our PLATINUM auctions are designed for individual sellers or large institutions. The program brings the individual properties to the forefront of the market using a comprehensive marketing strategy and hands-on approach.
Auction SHOWCASE: Bringing sellers together and allowing them to join forces is simple economics. By offering a larger selection of properties to buyers we generate more market exposure. More properties create economies of scale that reduces the cost for each seller, ultimately getting you more bang for your buck!
Advanced SEALEDbid: The sealed bid methodology is a proven technique that has been used for decades. Our take on the process amplifies the effectiveness by combining it with an advanced marketing program and sophisticated technology to ensure our sellers achieve successful results.

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